All photography provided by Richard B Knapper

Richard Knapper

I'm sure that I have always had a camera in my hand but I really got into photography when I worked in America in the late 1990's sadly I got out of it just as quickly (due to allergies but that is another story).  In 2008 I was given a digital SLR no more allergies, things took off from there early morning visits to the coast, late night jaunts to the river Tyne, this was the beginning of Snapper Photography.


The Photography

I love photography, and if I was going to be specific I love landscape and wildlife photography, luckily for me I was born in Durham City which is in the frozen wastelands of north east England, which for those of you who haven't visited or seen one of Robson Greens Tales of Northumberland is not frozen nor an industrial wasteland.  Put simply it is stunningly beautiful with some of the most diverse wildlife anywhere in the whole of Great Britain, which helps when you are a landscape and wildlife photographer.

In 2008 I got my first digital SLR camera, an Olympus E410 which at the time was the smallest of the DSLR's on the market.  Now I shoot with a Canon 5D mkIII for my landscapes and a canon 70D for my wildlife and am loving it (there is a lot of love going on here).


SNapper Photography

Snapper Photography was created in 2009 when I started selling my images at Tynemouth Market.  for 4 years I ran this alongside my other job working for the local council until I felt the time was right for me to go full time and become a professional photographer.  I now have a catalogue of over 5'000 images and travel to shows and fairs as far away as the lake district or north Northumberland.


Outside of Photography

I live by the coast with my fantastic and very patient wife, one grumpy old black cat Max and two highly charged kittens Grace and Penny.  I try to play golf as often as I can and I also dabble in leather work.